Thesis Statement

Part 1

My thesis is a computer generated scene of a 1950s gas station that gets consumed by a dust storm.


Part 2

I will be using Maya to model, texture, and light a scene of a 1950s style gas station. The scene will have a photorealistic style to it. The gas station will be located in a desert area on a beat up road. The gas station will also look “used” as in not run down but not pristine. I will then use Maya fluids and 3D containers to create a dust storm that will blow through the gas station. There will be strong winds that will blow around or blow away and loose objects in the scene.


Part 3

The scene will be a very detailed gas station from the 1950s. In the final video the camera will show the gas station and zoom in on specific details. Then it will turn to see the dust storm coming towards the station. The dust storm will look just as photorealistic as the rest of the scene. This project will show off what I can do with modeling, texturing, and most importantly, what I can do with fluids and particles.